Single & Stereo Portable Speakers

Small in size, Big In Bass and Volume!

These portable speakers are stylish, palm sized yet big in bass and volume.

If you want to improve the quality of the music you are listening to from your electronic gadgets then you need one of these high-powered compact speaker systems. Fantastic for all kinds of occasions, and due to their unique design they are also simple and easy to travel with. They have a built in rechargeable system so no hidden cost buying extra batteries.

These speakers can be recharged via your computers USB port.

Go Rock is ideal for listening to your music on the move or at home!

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Stereo Speakers

Stereo Go Rock Speakers

Built-in magnetic lock to secure two-piece speakers into one when not in use.


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Single Speaker

Single Go Rock Speaker

Extendable resonance of the bass box technology enables a strong clear sound.


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